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Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion

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90 days. A former record holder for heat--nearly the hottest chili on the planet! Wrinkled, lantern-shaped fruit ripens to a searing red-orange. Trinidad Scorpion was named the world’s hottest pepper by New Mexico’s Chile Pepper Institute, edging out the previous record holder, Bhut Jolokia, but has now been eclipsed by Carolina Reaper. Trinidad Scorpion averaged at whopping 1.2 million Scovilles and should be handled with care. Many growers turn this into a value added super hot hot sauce for sale; just don’t forget to write a disclaimer! Super hot peppers are also popular at market when selling potted plant starts in the spring.

 Place of Origin: Trinidad
Use: Hot sauce, super hot foods
Germinates In: 8-14 days
Ideal Germination Temperature: 78-95 F
Seed Depth: 1/8 inch
Plant Spacing: 20 inches

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Type: Pepper