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Watermelon, Blacktail Mountain

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73 days. Blacktail Mountain is a hardy and resilient heirloom watermelon, perfect for northern growers who have struggled to produce a good melon crop due to a short growing season. Plants are early maturing and quite heat tolerant but do not sacrifice flavor; the flesh is so crisp and sweet. Fruit averages 6-10 pounds each and has a dark green lightly striped skin with deep red flesh. We can learn a bit about this variety by looking at its origins. It was bred by Glenn Drowns of Sand Hill Preservation Center in Iowa. Glenn needed a rough-and-tumble watermelon that could mature in time to contend with his brief and chilly growing season in northern Idaho, where he lived at the time. This is easily one of the earliest-maturing varieties that we have seen; a perfect choice for those northern growers who struggle to produce a watermelon crop but don’t want to miss out on all the melon fun! A fine melon for all those farmers who want to be among the first to market.

 Place of Origin: Idaho, USA
Use: Fresh eating, desserts, juice
Germinates In: 4-10 days
Ideal Germination Temperature: 70-95 F
Seed Depth: 1/2 inch
Plant Spacing: Sow a cluster of 3 seeds in hills 3 feet apart, thin to strongest one per hill.

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Type: Watermelon