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Terms and Conditions

Must Read and Agree

Heirloom Seeds warrants only that the seeds sold are of the variety described and gives no other warranty expressed or implied.  Warranty is limited only to the replacement of seeds or refund of the seed purchase price.   

By purchasing the seed, the buyer accepts that Heirloom Seeds has no control over and accepts no responsibility or liability for soil conditions where its seeds may be planted.  Buyer also accepts that Heirloom Seeds does not have liability for handling or care of seeds after purchase, or for the care that resultant crops may or may not receive.     

While Heirloom Seeds makes every effort to ensure that its seeds are free of GMOs, weeds, and diseases that may include but are not limited to Bacterial Fruit Blotch, the buyer accepts that Heirloom Seeds makes no warranty other than its Satisfaction Guarantee that limits its responsibility to purchase price. 

Heirloom Seeds urges buyers to purchase a small number of seeds to trial any varieties for production or marketability before purchasing large amounts.   

Heirloom Seeds makes no claim to the suitability of varieties for marketability.  All comments and claims within the catalog, on the website, or in any other manner are intended for information and enjoyment purposes. All information is based on experiences of Heirloom Seeds, and individual results may vary.  

Heirloom Seeds Satisfaction Guarantee:  One year from the time of purchase, we guarantee your seeds to your satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied, we will replace up to and not exceeding the full purchase price of said unsatisfactory item.  Heirloom Seeds will in no way be responsible for any more than the purchase price of seeds purchased by customer within the 1-year window.  Customer agrees that Heirloom Seeds is in no way responsible for any losses or costs associated with the purchasing, planting, growing, harvesting, or marketing any of the seeds or products derived from the seeds.

Heirloom Seeds reserves the right to not do business with any person or organization for any reason, including customers who repeatedly fail to have good results with our seeds. 

Heirloom Seeds sells seeds only to North America, including the USA and its territories, Canada, and Mexico.

I agree to hold harmless Heirloom Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, LLC, its owners, employees, growers, associated companies and organizations for loss of revenue resulting from diseases, crop off-types, crop failures, or any other form of loss, physical injury, financial or emotional difficulty related to the purchase, planting, growing, or any other use or misuse of seeds purchased from Heirloom Seeds or its associated companies or owners. I understand that if I am unhappy for any reason, Heirloom Seeds will reimburse me for up to the full purchase price, (for up to 1 year from purchase date) but not exceeding the purchase price, of the seeds. This agreement also extends to any person to whom I distribute seeds or the products derived from the seeds. I (the customer) am over 18 years of age and can legally agree to this document.

By purchasing seeds, I agree to all of the above terms and conditions.