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Lettuce, Rocky Top Mix

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45-55 days. Every grower should have a go-to salad mix, Rocky Top is a top choice, it is reliable and brings a wide range of flavors to one tasty medley. Brightly colored and unique lettuces, it makes a flavorful and brilliant salad. A top-selling item at Baker Creek, our customers just love it! This salad blend should be sown in thick bands and can serve as a cut and come again mix. Perfect for better markets or your home table. People love the rich, old-fashioned taste, includes some non-listed rare varieties.

 Place of Origin: Many locations
Use: Salads
Germinates In: 4-8 days
Ideal Germination Temperature: 50-80 F
Seed Depth: 1/8 inch
Plant Spacing: 3-6 inches apart

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Category: Bulk

Type: Lettuce