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Cucumber, Jibai Shimoshirazu

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60 days. This is a gourmet variety perfect to please those seeking thin-skinned, burpless cucumbers. This delectable variety from Japan is one of the sweetest cucumbers we have tasted; a perfect snacking cucumber with no bitter flavor! Many Japanese varieties are quite long and slender; Jibai Shimoshirazu, however, reaches just 7-8 inches long, making them easy to pack or to offer in neat boxes or bundles marketed as snacking cucumbers. Offer these perfect little treats as a grab-and-go snack at markets; after all, thin-skinned cucumbers are best when eaten fresh! The vines are notably hardy to heat and humidity, and are quite resistant to powdery mildew and disease! The vines can be grown on the ground or trained up a trellis. Pollination is not required to set fruit, so we love these in our greenhouse.

 Place of Origin: Japan
Use: Fresh snacking, slicing for salads, pickles
Germinates In: 4-8 days
Ideal Germination Temperature: 70-95 F
Seed Depth: 1/2 inch
Plant Spacing: 24 inches apart

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Type: Cucumber