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Corn, Glass Gem

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105 days. Amazing color! This indescribably beautiful flint or popcorn comes in an endless range of colors. Translucent kernels really do shine brilliantly like glass—on the cob they resemble strands of glass beads! The 5-8” ears are consummately decorative, but edible and delicious as well. Don’t let the intense ornamental characteristics throw you off; this is a delicious multi-use corn! It makes firm little morsels when popped; it can also be parched, ground into meal, and more. This is a rugged grower; sturdy plants reach 9 feet in height and throw numerous side shoots where the season is long enough. Bred from a number of native varieties by Carl “White Eagle” Barnes, the famous Cherokee corn collector to whom we owe our gratitude for his life’s work of collecting, preserving, and sharing so many native corn varieties. Among the most popular ornamental corn for the autumn markets.

 Place of Origin: Oklahoma, USA
Use: Ornamental corn, displays and flour
Germinates In: 5-8 days
Ideal Germination Temperature: 65-95 F
Seed Depth: 1 inch
Plant Spacing: 6-8 inches, rows 30-36 inches apart

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Type: Corn