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Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly's

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65 days. This easy-to-grow and quick-to-mature garden berry has been experiencing a moment in the superfood spotlight and is consequently in high demand. It is easy to see that ground cherry is related to tomatillo; the growing habit and fruit’s papery husks are similar. The ground cherry is super sweet with a pineapple-like flavor, and Aunt Molly’s is even more refined and delectable than other ground cherry varieties. 1/2-3/4-inch fruit, which is enclosed in a papery husk, drops to the ground when fully ripe. High pectin content makes this one good for pies and preserves; it is a perfect choice for value-added crops or sale to restaurants. A market farmer’s harvest tip: Collecting this little fruit can be tedious, and the fallen fruit can sometimes rot or become unmarketable if it falls on dirty soil. To combat this, be sure to grow on landscape fabric (or any fabric) where you can easily scoop the fallen fruit. Some growers will place flattened burlap bags under the plants and pick up the bag and tip fruits into a bucket at harvest time.

 Place of Origin: USA
Use: Fresh eating, jams, pies
Germinates In: 7-18 days
Ideal Germination Temperature: 77-90 F
Seed Depth: 1/8 inch
Plant Spacing: 18-24 inches apart

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Type: Ground Cherry