Great selection of heirloom beet, carrot, leeks, onion, parsnip, radish, rutabaga, salsify and turnip seeds.


(Beta vulgaris)

Soil pH 6.0 to 7.5 - Begin planting beets 2 to 3 weeks before the last spring frost, making additional plantings 2 weeks apart for a continuous harvest all during the growing season.  Sow the seeds 1/2 inch deep in loose, deeply tilled soil.  We recommend using a wide row method of planting for beets.  Place 2 seeds, 3 inches apart in all directions, in a row 2 to 3 feet wide, eventually thinning  to one plant every 3 inches.  We have found that scissors work very well for thinning the plants, as they do not disturb the roots as other methods might.By using a wide row 3 x 5 feet, you can expect to harvest over 200 beets - plenty for fresh use and canning! Beets are a heavy feeder and need to be fertilized at planting time, as well as a month later.  If leaf miners are a problem for you in growing beets, the use of a floating row cover will offer nearly 100% protection.

34 – BOLTARDY  60 days – This high yielding Dutch variety is able to withstand early spring chills.  The deep red, ringless flesh is delicious and stores well.  A great choice if bolting has been a problem in your garden!
PKT. – 100 seeds - $1.25

30 - BULL'S BLOOD  55 days - This remarkably sweet variety looks as good as it tastes! The beautiful, dark red-purple tops make delicious baby greens, while the tasty roots are a good choice either fresh or canned!
PKT. - 100 seeds - $1.25
O30 - PKT. - 100 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

39 – CHIOGGIA   63 daysThis old Italian heirloom dates back to 1840, and still remains one of our best sellers today!  The beautiful  red and white concentric rings inside this beet make for a real eye catcher!  The tops  are delicious either raw or cooked.  Tasty!
PKT.  – 100 seeds - $1.25
O39 - PKT. - 100 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC
31 - CROSBY'S EGYPTIAN  50 to 60 days - This heirloom was first introduced in the 1800's and is an early variety with a large, tender heart shaped root that is dark red with some lighter zones.  A favorite for years!
PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $1.25

36 - CYLINDRA   55 days - This Danish home garden variety of beet is wonderful for slicing! The long, carrot shaped beets are 6 to 8 inches in length and 1½  to 2 inches diameter.   These delicious, dark red roots with small tops are a good choice for your own garden!
PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $1.25

32 - DETROIT DARK RED   55 to 60 days - This heritage variety was first introduced in 1892, and is still the  most popular beet grown in the U.S.A. today!  These tasty, dark red, globe shaped  beets make a good crop for canning or eating fresh!
PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $1.25
O32 - 1/4 oz. - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

38 - EARLY WONDER   50 days -This variety is an excellent choice for an early crop!  The tops are 16 to 18 inches tall, dark-green and tinged in red, while the roots are 3" diameter, globe shaped and purple-red in color. A good choice for fall planting, too!
PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $1.25
O38 - 1/4 oz. - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

330 - GOLDEN DETROIT  50-55 days  - A very nice change from the standard color. For sweetest flavor, harvest the gold/orange roots when young. The bushy tops make excellent greens when cooked. A good choice used as micro-greens, for grilling mini-veggies, or pickling.
PKT. - 100 seeds - $1.25

O35 - LETHERMAN'S GREEN TOP   58 days - This great, all purpose variety has slightly flattened, globe shaped roots that are bright red, sweet and tender.  The tops are bright green, 15 to 18 inches tall, and make excellent "greens" with a sweet, delicious taste!
PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

33 - LONG SEASON   80 days - This old heirloom variety closely resembles the beets used at the first Thanksgiving dinner!   A large beet that has sweet, delicious flavor and leafy tops that make excellent "greens".
PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $1.25

37 - RUBY QUEEN   52 days -  This variety was "All American Selection" winner in 1957.  It delivers a very uniform, smooth, round, bright red beet, with a sweet, buttery texture and 12 inch tops.  Excellent choice for poor soils!
PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $1.25
O37 - PKT. - 1/4 oz. - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

N0022 - SUGAR BEET  85 – 110 days - This widely adapted variety will yield a heavy crop of long, thick, white-fleshed, 2-3 pound beets. Home gardeners can add a few slices to canned beets for additional sweetness. Can also be used to make molasses or wine.
PKT. - 100 seeds -  $2.00

N0021 - WHITE DETROIT  55 days - The large, white beets are very tender and mild and retain their sweet flavor during cooking. The one to choose for those wishing to avoid the “staining” with beet juices during processing or pickling. A good-yielding variety.
PKT. - 100 Seeds - $2.00

(Daucus carota var. sativus)

Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0 - We recommend planting carrots in a raised bed, with the wide row method of planting. Begin to plant 2 weeks before the last spring frost, making additional plantings every 2 to 3 weeks for a continuous harvest all summer long.  Sow the seeds 1/4 inch deep in loose, deeply tilled soil, placing a few seeds 2 inches apart in all directions, in a row 2 to 3 feet wide. Thin your crop to one plant every 2 inches, using scissors to do so. By using scissors, you will not disturb the roots of your remaining carrots.  You can start harvesting baby carrots 35 to 40 days after planting the seeds, and then the remainder of the crop when they are fully mature. To avoid insect problems, a floating row cover may be used, removing only to thin your crop.

410 – AMARILLO  75 days – A delicious yellow variety that is able to withstand dry conditions.  The tapered roots have large shoulders and strong tops.  Distinctive, sweet flavor!
PKT. - 500 seeds - $1.25

402 - AMSTERDAM MINICOR  60 days - A very sweet and tender, finely grained Dutch variety of carrot. The uniform 6-7 inch roots  are a deep orange color, and make a wonderful gourmet delight!  An excellent carrot for eating fresh or for canning.
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25

405 - AUTUMN KING  72 days -  This stump rooted, 6 to 7 inch carrot is a must for winter storage or freezing! The delicious, orange flesh  stays crisp, even in storage!  Sow this one in late summer for a delightful fall harvest!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25

413 - BAMBINO  61 days – An excellent choice for baby gourmet carrots.  The cylindrical, blunt roots have a very small core, smooth skin, and are deep orange in color.  Good choice for canning and pickling.  Harvest when the roots are 4 inches or smaller for optimum quality.
PKT. -  500 seeds - $1.25

407 - CHANTENAY ROYAL   67 days - This carrot was first introduced in 1952, and is still a garden favorite of many!  The sweet, finely grained carrots are 5 to 7 inches long, and are a brilliant  red-orange color. This stump rooted variety does well in poor garden soil, and delivers dependable, heavy yields!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25
# O407 - PKT. - 1200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

401 - DANVERS HALF LONG    75 days - This heirloom was first introduced  in 1871, and is still an excellent main crop variety! The  6-8 inch carrots have a smooth, red-orange skin, with bright orange flesh.  A very flavorful carrot that does well in clay or heavy soils!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25
#O401 - PKT. - 1200 seeds - $2.00

403 - EARLY CORELESS   68 days - This sweet, tasty carrot delivers very uniform 6 to 8 inch gourmet carrots!  The finely grained, bright orange flesh is a delicious favorite of many!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25

409 – GOLD PAK   75 daysThis "All American Selection" winner of 1956  yields long, smooth and slender, delicious carrots! The 8½-10" roots are a red-orange color, almost coreless and stores great.   Does best in deeply worked, loamy soil.  Tasty!
PKT. – 1200 seeds - $1.25

404 - LITTLE FINGER  50-65 days - This French variety makes delightful baby gourmet carrots!  Its tiny roots grow only 3 - 5 inches, with a wonderful, deep orange color.  Can be planted a little closer together than our other carrots, getting a larger harvest from the same amount of garden space!   Harvest this one early for tender, sweet tasting carrots!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25
O404 - PKT. - 1200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

408 - NANTES  SCARLET 70 days - These finely flavored and very crisp carrots are an excellent choice for your garden!  The bright orange/red color and 7 x 1 inch size make it a good choice for freezing, canning or for juice!  A sweet and brittle delight!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25
O408 - PKT. - 1200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

414 - PARISIAN  58 days - This very uniform, 1 inch globe-shaped variety is smooth, nearly coreless, and a deep red-orange color. Always sweet and crisp, this round carrot is a good choice for stews, soups, relish trays, and freezing
PKT. - 500 seeds - $1.25

411 – ST. VALERY  70 days – A highly productive variety with smooth, uniform, 10 to 12 inch roots.  The thick, sweet, tender flesh has little core and sparse tops.   This heirloom is a great choice for the home gardener!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25

406 - TENDERSWEET   75 days - This variety delivers a very uniform crop of 8-10 inch, red/orange carrots. A very sweet and nearly coreless carrot, that has finely grained, crisp flesh.    A good choice for freezing!
PKT. - 1200 seeds - $1.25

(Allium ampeloprasum)

Soil pH 6.0 to 6.5 – Sow the seeds inside 10-12 weeks before the last spring frost.  Transplant outside in late spring, when the plants are approximately 8-12 inches in length, and as thick as a pencil.  Allow 6 inches between plants. As the leeks grow, hill the soil around the plants to blanch the stalks.

4201 - AMERICAN FLAG    85–135 days -  This early variety is especially suited for the home gardener.  The large, thick, extra long stems (10 x 1½ inches) have a delicious pearl-white bulb and large, green leaves. A hardy variety of leek with a mild, delicate onion flavor!
PKT. – 300 seeds - $1.25
O4201 - PKT. - 300 seeds - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

4203 – CARANTAN  95-110 days - This European heirloom produces a heavy crop consistently!  The plants have dark green leaves with white, tender stems that are mild and tasty.  Great for fall and winter harvests!
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25

 4202 – GIANT MUSSELBURG   80–150 days – These plants grow giant sized leeks 10–15 inches long and 2-3 inches in diameter! The extremely hardy, tender white stalks with green, fan shaped leaves makes this variety one of the best.   An excellent home garden variety with a delicious, onion like flavor!
PKT. – 300 seeds - $1.25

(Allium cepa)

Soil pH 6.0 to 6.8 - Onions may be planted 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring frost.  Sow the seeds 3 inches apart in all directions, using a wide row method for planting.  Thin your crop to one plant every 3 inches, using scissors to do so. By using scissors, you will not disturb the roots of the remaining onions.  NOTE: Bunching onions need only  1 inch between plants.

ONIONS (bunching)
4017 - CRIMSON FOREST  60 days - This bunching variety has beautiful red-to-purple stalks with a good, pungent flavor. The tasty onions are an excellent choice for salads, garnishes, and Mexican cuisine.
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25

65-120 days - An excellent choice for green onions!  This variety forms clusters of 4- 9 long, slender, silver-white stalks.  A delicious, non-bulbing onion that is slow to bolt.  A good choice for spring or fall planting!

PKT. - 400 seeds - $1.25
O4001 - PKT. - 400 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

4002 - TOKYO LONG WHITE BUNCHING  65-95 days - This delicious variety produces tall, sweet stalks, with onion flesh that is pure white and sweet.  A mild, non-bulbing onion that looks similar to a slim leek.  A very popular variety!
PKT. - 400 seeds - $1.25

4003 - WHITE LISBON 40-95 days - This quick growing bunching onion stands up to the heat well!  The stalks grow 14 - 18 inches long and the onion flesh is a silvery-white color.  Plant this variety along side other bunching onions for fresh scallions the entire growing season!
PKT. - 400 seeds - $1.25

ONIONS (bulbing)

O4014 - AUSTRALIAN  BROWN  110 days - Dating from 1894, this Aussie heirloom produces medium sized, flattened, dark brown skinned globes. The crisp, yellow flesh is extremely pungent. Stores well.
PKT. - 50 seeds - $2.75  CERTIFIED ORGANIC

4018 - BARLETTA  70-100 days - This round, silver-white variety has soft, mild flesh. The perfect choice for pickling, but also a good choice for stews or shish-ka-bobs. Sow thick in early spring.
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25

4012 - BORETTANA, YELLOW 90-120 days - An Italian heirloom noted for its sweet, delicate flavor. Harvest this Cipollini-type variety when small for kabobs, or let mature to its full size of 3-4 inches, when the skin turns a golden-bronze color. This long-day type is not a good storage variety.
PKT. - 50 seeds - $1.25

4016 - CIPPOLINI  100-110 days - Mild and sweet, these Italian onions have the classic button shape. Perfect choice for salads, kabobs, or pickling. Best used for fresh use; not a good storing variety.
PKT. - 50 seeds - $1.25
O4016 - PKT. - 50 seeds - $2.00 CERTIFIED ORGANIC

4007 - CRYSTAL WAX   90 - 185 days - This is a short day, white bermuda type onion for southern growers!    Use this medium- large sized onion  for fresh use, as it does not store well.  The white, coarse flesh is delicious and mild tasting.   An excellent choice for pearl onions!
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25

4008 - RED BURGUNDY ONION (Hamburger Onion)  95 days - These 4 inch onions have red-purple skin, white flesh tinged in red, and a delicious, pungent flavor! As the nickname implies, perfect on your hamburger! Long day type for northern gardens. A good keeper!
PKT. - 150 seeds - $1.25

4004 - RED CREOLE   95-190 days - This medium sized onion has flat, red colored bulbs with red-purple flesh.   A short day variety of onion for growing in the south.  An excellent storage onion for warm climate areas!
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25

4011 - RED GRANO  90 – 120 days – This large red, top-shaped onion has crisp, mild flesh.  A short day variety that does best in southern climates.  Has a short to medium storage period.
PKT. 300 seeds - $1.25

4013 - RED WETHERSFIELD  130 days - First introduced in 1834, the large, flattened globes have deep, purple-red skin with a nice, strong flavor.  The interior has lovely pink, white and red tinged circles.  This long-day type will vigorously produce a crop of medium keepers.
PKT. - 50 seeds - $1.25

4010 - WALLA WALLA  100-125 days – A favorite of many because of its mild, sweet flavor.  Sow in early spring for a delicious summer harvest.  This cold-hardy variety has light brown skin and firm, white flesh.  Does well in the Northwest.  Not a good storage variety.
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25
O4010 - PKT. - 300 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

4005 - WHITE SWEET SPANISH  110-130 days - The large, globe shaped onions have a mild, sweet flavor!  A long day type of onion for northern gardens.  This one doesn't store as well as some others, but is excellent for cooking!
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25

4006 - YELLOW SWEET SPANISH  105-130 days - These large, globe shaped onions can weigh one pound or more!  This onion is yellow-brown in color, with mild, creamy white flesh.   A long day type recommended for northern growers.  An excellent storage onion!
PKT. - 300 seeds - $1.25

(Pastinaca sativa)

Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0 - Plant the seeds in early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked.  Parsnip seeds are slow  germinating, and should be soaked overnight in water before being planted.  Sow thickly in rich, deep, light soil, eventually thinning to one plant every six inches.  For winter storage, start planting mid to late summer; parsnips keep for months in a root cellar.  Or, if you prefer, leave in the ground over winter, and harvest during a thaw.  You can even leave parsnips buried until spring when the tops start to grow, and then dig up as needed.

4041 - ALL AMERICAN  96-145 days  - The tapering 10-12 inch roots have a high sugar content, and store well either in the ground or fruit cellar. The white skinned, finely textured roots attain thickness early, and are free from side roots and fiber.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

4040 - HOLLOW CROWN  65-135 days - A very popular home garden variety that dates back to 1850!  The long, smooth white roots are sweet and fine grained, and grow 10 to 15 inches long with no side shoots.  A very heavy yielder in deeply prepared soil.  An excellent choice for winter storage!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

(Raphanus sativus)

Soil pH 5.5 to 7.0 -  Sow radish seeds 2 to 3 weeks before the last spring frost.  Plant the seeds 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart in all directions, using the wide row method for planting. Thin your crop to one plant every 1 to 2 inches, using scissors to do so.  By using scissors, you will not disturb the roots of the remaining radishes.  If root maggots are a concern in your area, the use of a floating row cover will eliminate the problem. Remember to resow again late summer for a delightful fall harvest, too!  Delicious, crunchy radishes in only 3 to 5 weeks!

815 - BLACK SPANISH   55 days - This heirloom variety was first introduced in 1824, and is still a very popular choice! A great globe shaped winter radish, with black skin and white flesh, that grows 3 to 4 inches in diameter.   A good variety for winter storage!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

814 - BRIGHTEST BREAKFAST   28 days -  This heirloom was first introduced in 1870, and many still consider it to be their favorite!  This oblong radish grows 1 1/2 to 2 inches, and is a pretty, scarlet red color with a white tip.  A very mild and sweet choice!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

812 - CHERRY BELLE   20 days -   This radish was an "All American Selection" winner in 1949, and is an early variety, taking only 20 days to mature!  A very prolific radish, with deep red skin and crisp white flesh. Try some!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25
O812 - PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

818 - CHINA ROSE   30-55 days - This variety dates back to 1850, when Jesuit missionaries brought it to Europe from China! The smooth, rose colored roots grow 6 to 8 inches long, and makes an good choice for winter storage.   An excellent variety for sprouting, too!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

813 - CRIMSON GIANT  30 days - This variety yields large, crimson colored roots with white interiors. The roots always stay tender and sweet, and never get pithy.  A heavy producer!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

817 - EARLY SCARLET GLOBE  26 days - This popular radish has bright red skin, white flesh, and strong, 3 inch bright green tops!  An excellent variety for sandy soils.  A very good choice for second and third plantings!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

819 - EASTER EGG 28 days - Delightful multicolored radishes abound with this variety!  Shades of red, pink, purple and white, all with crunchy white flesh, taste as great as they look!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25
O819 - PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

802 - FRENCH BREAKFAST   23 days - This heirloom was first introduced in 1880, and many still consider it to be their favorite!  This oblong radish grows 1 1/2 to 2 inches, and is a pretty, bright red color with a white tip.  A very mild and sweet choice!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

821 - GERMAN GIANT  29 days – The scarlet skin and crisp white flesh of this round variety makes it a German favorite!  Harvest anytime from marble to baseball size – it won’t get woody or spongy!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25
O821 - PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

822 - GOURMET BLEND 22-30 days - A delightful blend of crispy, delicious favorites.  A great way to add some color and variety to your salad bowl!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

816 - HAILSTONE   25 days - The pure, white skin and firm flesh of this variety stays crisp for a long time!  An excellent globe shaped radish that grows great either spring or fall.   Our favorite!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

824 - JAPANESE MINOWASE  45-55 days - A favorite from Japan, known for its brittle, juicy flesh and unique taste. The uniform, pure white roots can reach 12 - 24" x 3" diameter, and are smooth & mild. Sow in early spring or fall. Often seen in Oriental markets.
PKT. - 350 seeds  - $1.25

826 - LONG SCARLET CINNCINATI  28 days  - This pre-1870's heirloom has long, thin, red roots and crisp, white flesh. The perfect choice for home gardens. Very reliable and nice for bunching.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

825 - PINK SUMMERCICLE  27 days  - This 5 inch cylindrical radish has a good, crunchy texture and a nice, mild flavor. The pink-topped coloring of this variety makes it a nice change of pace in salads and on relish trays. Delightfully cool and crisp!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

827 - PLUM PURPLE  25-30 days  - The bright purple exterior of this variety hides the crisp, white flesh of this unique radish. Stays nice and mild all season long. Will not become pithy in warm weather.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

829 - WATERMELON  29 days - The cool, white exterior of this round radish hides the beautiful, sweet, red center. Very unique - resembles a slice of watermelon when cut. The 10" tops make it easy to harvest. For best flavor, pick when young and still small.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

828 - WHITE BEAUTY RADISH  25-30 days - Cool, crisp and crunchy, the white, 1- 1½ inch diameter roots with strong green tops, were a favorite of travelers frequenting roadside taverns generations ago. Best if grown in early spring or fall.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

811 - WHITE ICICLE   28 days - A mild, flavorful variety that grows up to 6 inches long.  The crisp, white flesh stays solid, even in warm weather!  A very popular variety!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25
O811 - PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

(Brassica napus)

Soil pH 6.0 to 6.8 - Rutabaga may be planted 2 to 3 weeks before the last spring frost, or for winter storage, sow in the fall.  Using the wide row method for planting, sow the seeds 4 inches apart in all directions, thinning to one plant every 4 inches. By using scissors to thin your crop, you do not disturb the roots of the remaining rutabagas.

4030 - AMERICAN PURPLE TOP  80 -120 days - This variety has long been the standard for both home and market!  The nearly globe shaped roots grow 4 to 6 inches in diameter, and have a light yellow skin with a purple top.  The flesh is a light yellow color, finely grained and sweet tasting.  A great choice for winter storage!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

4031 - LAURENTAIN  90-122 days – The 5 inch purple topped globes have creamy yellow bottoms and firm, pale yellow flesh.  Very uniform; great for fall and winter storage.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

(Tragopogon porrifolius)

Soil pH 6.0 to 6.5 – Sow salsify in very early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked.  Plant the seeds in loose soil, sowing ½ inch deep, and in rows 12” apart, thinning to one plant every 4 inches.  The roots will be ready to harvest in the fall.  Remember - a frost will improve the flavor of salsify!

4301 – MAMMOTH SANDWICH ISLAND   120–160 days – The off-white roots of salsify resemble slender parsnips, but have an oyster-like flavor!  The roots grow 8–9 inches x 1½ inches, and taper to a point. The creamy white flesh is delicious in soups and stews.  An excellent winter keeper!
PKT. – 50 seeds - $1.25

(Brassica rapa)

Soil pH 6.0 to 6.8 - Turnip seeds may be planted 2 to 3 weeks before the last spring frost.  In a wide row, sow the seeds 2 inches apart in all directions, thinning to one plant every 2 inches. The use of scissors, in thinning your crop, will not disturb the roots of the remaining turnips.  If growing the turnips for "greens" only, the distance between the plants can be kept to a minimum, approximately one inch apart. To avoid insect damage, plant your turnip crop  under a floating row cover.  Turnips are even tastier when allowed to receive a mild frost; to harvest an autumn crop, start your seeds 6 to 8 weeks before the first fall frost.

3034 - GOLDEN BALL  40-65 days - An old heirloom variety that dates back to 1859!  The sweet roots are mild and golden, with a taste more like a rutabaga than a turnip.  Nice choice for mashing!  Excellent home garden variety.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

3031 - PURPLE TOP WHITE GLOBE   55 days - America's favorite turnip!  This heirloom turnip was first introduced in 1870, and still produces an excellent crop.  The smooth, round, white fleshed roots with purple tops  measure 4 to 5 inches and are sweet and tasty!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25
O3031 - PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

3030 - SEVEN TOP  50 days - This variety of turnip is grown only for its "greens", as the roots are inedible.  First introduced in the 1700's,  it still delivers large, dark green, tasty leaves that grow 20 inches high.  A southern favorite!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25
#O3030 - PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

3032 - SHOGOIN   30-70 days -  This Japanese variety can be grown for either its greens or roots.  The light green tops can be harvested in only 30 days, while the roots mature in 70 days.  The roots are pure white in color, and are tender and mild.  A good choice for dry, hot weather!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

3033 - WHITE EGG   42 days - This fast growing, egg shaped turnip has been a popular choice since 1893!  The pure white, finely grained flesh is sweet and tender, and grows 3 to 4 inches long.  Our favorite turnip!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

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ALL THE ONIONS - 32 pages
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FR 25 - FLOATING ROW COVER - Made of light-weight, spun-bonded Polypropylene fabric. Drape the cover loosely over your plants, and secure the edges into the soil using fabric pegs or dirt. As the plants grow, the lightweight fabric is gently lifted by the crops. Water and sunlight can penetrate the cover easily, but insects can't get through the cover at your growing crops!  Floating row covers also offer frost protection down to 28 degrees F.  Wonderful for spinach, beets, cabbage, lettuce, radish or chard!  For vegetables that need insect pollination, such as cucumbers, peppers, or squash, simply remove the cover when your vegetables are beginning to flower.  Never let the insects get the best of your crops again!  
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