Over 65 varieties of heirloom lettuce and specialty green seeds to choose from.

LETTUCE (Lactuca sativa)

Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0 - Sow the seeds in early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked; this occurs about four weeks before the last expected spring frost.  Plant the seeds 1/8 inch deep in a wide row, 6 inches apart in all directions.  Make sure the soil contains a good supply of nitrogen, which is necessary for good leaf production.  Plant every two weeks for a continuous harvest all summer long.  Make your early spring plantings in a sunny location; however, as the weather warms up, start planting in a partially shaded spot.  Lettuce sowed in hot weather goes to seed quickly, so plant extra and pick often once the leaves reach the desirable size.  During the summer, a good spot to grow lettuce is against the house on the side that receives the morning sun.  Weed frequently, as lettuce has shallow roots and can't compete with deep rooted weeds.  TIP : In a wide row planting, 2 feet by 2 feet, 16 plants may be harvested.  In a 2 foot by 4 foot area, you can grow enough lettuce to keep your salad bowl filled all summer long!

#6034 – AMISH DEER TONGUE  45-55 days - This Amish looseleaf variety has been a favorite for years because of its heavy production and dependability!  The green, triangular leaves grow on thick, solid plants and have a pleasantly sharp flavor.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#6042 AUSTRALIAN YELLOW LEAF 50 days – This large, slow-bolting, looseleaf variety will add plenty of color to salads with its bright yellow leaves.  Tasty and tender, this Australian heirloom will sure to become a garden favorite.
PKT. – 200 seeds - $1.25

#60 - BLACK SEEDED SIMPSON LETTUCE  43 days -  A very early variety first introduced  in 1850.  An easy to grow leaf lettuce, with light green frilled leaves.  A very crisp and tasty choice.  An old favorite!
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25
#O60 - PKT. - 750 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6002 - BOSTON, RED 68 days - The 12 inch diameter heads are a medium green color, with a rose-red tinge along the edges of the crumpled leaves.  A light green heart is found in the middle of this delicious lettuce.  An excellent choice for the salad garden!
PKT. - 750 seeds -  $1.25

#6019 - BRONZE MIGNONETTE 62 days -  A very old variety, first introduced in 1898.  This lettuce has small globular heads, a creamy-yellow center, and bronze to green, frilled leaves.  A very slow bolting variety that  does well in hot, humid weather.   A colorful addition to any salad!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#6003 - BUTTERCRUNCH  65 days - A large, heat resistant butterhead type that was an " All American Winner" in 1963.  The compact heads have thick,  juicy, crisp green leaves tinged in red, with a compact yellow-white heart.    A heat tolerant variety.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25
#O6003 - PKT. - 750 seeds -CERTIFIED ORGANIC - $2.00

#6013 - CIMMARON ROMAINE  65 days - This wonderful romaine lettuce dates back to the 18th century.  The leaves are 10–12 inches tall and are beautiful, deep-red in color.  Very crisp heads with an excellent flavor.  A slow  bolting variety.
PKT. – 350 seeds - $1.25

#O6044 - CRISP MINT 63 days - Tasty and sweet, this romaine variety can reach 10 inches in height.  The crispy leaves have a slightly serrated edge and is a terrific choice to mix with other lettuces in salads.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6038 – FLAME  60 days – Beautiful red color and frilly leaves make this looseleaf variety a real knockout!  A fast grower that’s slow to bolt.  Add a little variety to your next salad!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25
#O6038 - PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6045 - FORELLENSCHUSS  53 days – Always crispy, this romaine-type lettuce is slow-bolting, and has great taste.  The green and deep red mottled leaves add beauty and color to the usual colors in the garden.
PKT. – 200 seeds - $1.25

#6015 – FRECKLES ROMAINE  28–55 days -  Harvest the tasty, young heads in 28 days for gourmet salads, or full size heads in 55 days!  The bright green leaves speckled with red make for a dashing appearance in any salad!
Pkt. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#O6033 – GRANDPA ADMIRE’S  60 days – This terrific butterhead variety was a favorite of Civil War veteran George Admire, who was born in 1822.  The bronze tinged leafs form large, loose heads that are slow bolting and withstand the heat well.  Very finely flavored!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6008 - GREAT LAKES  70 to 100 days - An "ALL AMERICAN SELECTION WINNER" in 1944.   The firm, iceberg type heads are slow to bolt, and are light green in color.  The large, crisp heads are resistant to tip burn.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6030 - HANSON IMPROVED  65-80 days - A wonderful head lettuce that dates back to pre-1855.  The large, yellowish-green heads have lovely, frilly leaves, with delicious white hearts.  Tolerates heat.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#6009 - ICEBERG  50 to 85 days - The compact, medium-large heads are light green and very crisp.  A good home garden variety that loves cool weather.  For the best crops, plant in early spring or fall for the northern states, or late fall for the southern states.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6031 - KAGRANER SUMMER 58 days - An old time favorite originally from Germany,  This midseason butterhead grows tender, well formed, medium sized heads.  Slow to bolt in the summer months.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#6012 - KEY LIME  63 days - We acquired this seeds from an elderly Texas seed saver who has been growing this variety all his life.   The seed initially came from his father, who grew up in southern Florida, thus the name “Key Lime”.   A beautiful butterhead type lettuce, it has lime green heads with a sweet, buttery flavor all its own.   The large heads can grow up to 1 pound.  It has done very well in tests throughout the United States, and seems resistant to most lettuce diseases.  A very slow bolting variety.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#6010 - LITTLE GEM  50 days - A midget butterhead lettuce, with dark green leaves and a sweet, buttery flavor!  The small, 5 inch heads can be served whole in a gourmet salad.  An early maturing, Boston type lettuce that makes a  fine addition to any garden or dinner table!
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6060 - LOLITA  40 days  - The intense burgundy color of this heavily frilled variety adds texture and color to the salad bowl. This cut-and-come again lettuce has a sweet, mild flavor, and can be grown either spring or fall.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

#6020 - LOLLO ROSSA  50-70 days - A delicious, very deeply curled looseleaf variety of lettuce. The magenta colored leaves have a light green base and are mild tasting.  After harvesting, leave about an inch remaining, and it will re-grow thru spring into summer.   A colorful addition to any salad!
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6055 - MASCARA   65 days – Almost too lovely to eat with its deep red, tightly ruffled, oak-shaped leaves, but you won’t be able to resist the tender, sweet flavor of this loose leaf.  A slow-to-bolt variety that retains its color even as the season progresses.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

#6041 – MARVEILLE de 4 SEASONS  45-70 days – A French heirloom that dates to 1885.  This bibb-type variety has finely flavored, crispy, red leaves, which turn darker in cool weather.  An excellent choice for the historic gardener!
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25
#O6041 - PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6006 - NEW YORK #12  60-90 days - A large, sure heading variety of lettuce.  The tight, cabbage-like heads are a medium green color, often weighing up to 3 pounds.  A fine quality variety of lettuce that does well in warm weather.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#61 - OAK LEAF  48 days - An old-time favorite leaf lettuce that dates from the 1880's.  The thin, light green, oak leaf shaped leaves make a delicious addition to any salad!  This variety can take the hot weather well.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25
#O61 - PKT. - 750 seeds - $2.00 -

#66 - PARIS WHITE COS   70 days - A very popular variety of romaine lettuce that dates from the 1860's. The 8 to 10 inch plants have light green crinkled leaves, a white core, and are wonderful in a salad!
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25
#O66 - PKT. - 750 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#63 - PRIZE HEAD   50 days - The large, light green leaves on this leaf lettuce are tipped in red, and remain crisp and sweet.   A real standout in a salad!!
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6011 - RED DEER TONGUE  45-80 days - A very old variety that was popular with pioneer families because of its productivity!   The pointed, dark green leaves edged in red, have a rich, nutty flavor.  The compact, loose heads are 7 to 8 inches tall and are very attractive!.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25
#O6011 - PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6069 - RED ICEBERG  70–80 days - These nicely sized red crispheads contrast beautifully with the standard green icebergs. The fairly tight, 16 inch wide heads hold well without bolting. Has a nice, mild flavor preferred by many.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00

#6054 - RED ROMAINE 70 days – Tangy and crisp, this variety will add color to any salad.  Varying in shades of green, deep red and bronze, the color develops best in cooler weather. The large, decorative 12 inch leaves look as lovely in the garden as they do in the salad bowl.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25
#O6054 - PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00 -

#6014 - ROUGE d’ HIVER ROMAINE  60 days -  This European heirloom dates back to 1885.  The large, flat, broad leaves have a sweet, buttery flavor, and vary in color from green, to bronze, to deep-red.   A very heat tolerant variety.
PKT. – 350 seeds - $1.25

#6056 - RUBIN    50-60 days – An excellent choice for either the market grower or home gardener because of its beautiful presentation.  The dark, ruby red leaves are crinkled and frilled, and are always sweet and tender. A good choice that’s very hardy in the garden.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

#62 - SALAD BOWL   50 days - "ALL AMERICAN SELECTION" winner in 1952.   A fine leaf lettuce, with long, green, wavy leaves.  A favorite of gardeners that's also slow to bolt!  A great addition in any salad.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25
#O62 - PKT. - 750 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6049 - SPECKLED  40-50 days – This Mennonite heirloom dates back to 1799 in Lancaster, PA.  The thick and juicy maroon speckled leaves of this bibb-type variety is slow to bolt.  A very hardy lettuce.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

#6039 – SUNSET  60 days – This vivid, deep red, looseleaf variety is a favorite of many home gardeners.  It has very good flavor and nice texture.  A good choice to mix with green varieties.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25
#O6039 - PKT. - 350 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6040 – TANGO  45 days – These attractive looseleaf plants form tight rosettes, with sharply cut leaves that resemble endive.  The vitamin rich leaves are a dark green color, with a tender, tangy flavor.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#O6052 - TENNIS BALL  50 days – A butterhead-type variety that is a good choice for container gardening.  This heirloom dates to pre-1800 and was grown by Thomas Jefferson.  The small, tight rosettes have a pretty, green color, and are cold hardy.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00 -

#67 - TOM THUMB   65 days - A very old variety that was first introduced in 1830.   A miniature butterhead type lettuce that grows only to the size of a tennis ball!  The creamy, yellow, crumpled leaves make a delicious gourmet salad!   A good variety to grow in containers, if space is a problem in your garden.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#65 - WAKEFIELD CRUNCH  75 days - A  delicious, head lettuce that does well in the summer heat. The small, compact, green heads are crisp and mild tasting.  A great variety originally from Southern Virginia.
PKT. - 350 seeds - $1.25

#6007 - WHITE BOSTON   70 days - The firm, round,  12" heads are light green in color, with a delicious, buttery-yellow heart.  This variety has a very delicate flavor, and does well in warm weather.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

6027 - WINTER DENSITY  70 days - Best described as having the best qualities of a butterhead and romaine, the crisp, sweet leaves can withstand light frosts. The dark green, 8-10 inch heads have slightly savoyed leaves with succulent flavor.
PKT. - 350 seeds - 1.25

#O6047 YUGOSLAVIAN RED BUTTERHEAD  55 days - Extremely decorative, this beautiful butterhead produces burgundy tinged leaves on loose heads.  Sweet and tender; a wonderful addition to the salad bowl.
PKT. - 200 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6017 – GOURMET SALAD BLEND  45–60 days – A colorful blend of lettuce varieties in shades of green and red.  The ruffled edges and unique leaf shapes provide an interesting texture and fancy appearance!
PKT. – 400 seeds - $1.25
#O6017 - PKT. - 400 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6061 - HEIRLOOM SALAD BLEND  43-70 days - A very nice selection of lettuces especially chosen for their heirloom pasts. The varying textures, colors, and tastes have made those included in this blend favorites for over 100 years.
PKT. - 400 seeds - $2.00

# 6018 – MESCLUN MIX BLEND  50–60 days – A colorful mixture of lettuce, chicory and other greens for an unusual salad having color, texture and a special flavor.  A real taste treat for any salad lover!
PKT. – 400 seeds - $1.25
#O6018 - PKT. - 400 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#6059 - PREMIUM LETTUCE BLEND   43-70 days – A delightful mix of our best selling varieties, especially blended for unique color, texture and flavor qualities.  A wonderful selection for the salad bowl.
PKT. - 400 seeds - $2.00

#6066 - ROMAINE MULTI-COLORED MIX  50-75 days - This nice assortment will give you the variety you crave for your salad bowl. The green, red, speckled, and mottled romaines make an interesting and varied choice. Start harvesting when small for tender and sweet salads, or let mature to full-size for traditional Caesar salads.
PKT. - 400 seeds - $2.00


#6064 - GARNET RED AMARANTH  30 days - Harvest the tender, red leaves from this plant in only 30 days, or wait to pick for mature harvest at 50 days. Wonderful in gourmet salads or when used as a cooking green.
PKT. - 100 seeds - $1.25

#6101 - ARUGULA  (Eruca vesicaria) 40 daysThis tasty little green will spice up any salad!   The dark green, lobed leaves have a sharp, "peppery" taste, and  form an open head.  Start the seeds outside in early spring, spacing the plants 4 to 6 inches apart.  Sow every 3 weeks for a continuous harvest all summer long. For best taste, harvest the leaves when they are 2–3 inches long. Very easy to grow!
PKT. – 300 seeds - $1.25

(Diplotaxis muralis) 55-60 days - The finely cut, deeply indented, dark green leaves of Wild Arugula will add interesting flavor to any salad. Best described as tangy and spicy with a hint of nut flavor, it's tastiest when harvested at a height of 2-6 inches. The pretty, yellow flowers that follow serve well as an edible garnish.
PKT. - 100 seeds - $2.00

6102 - SALAD BURNET  (Sanguisorba minor) 68 days – Long valued in Europe for its delightful nutty, cucumber-like taste.  Start the seeds outside in early spring, spacing the plants 6 inches apart.  Keep the rose colored flower heads clipped on the 10-14 inch plants to promote more leaf growth.  A great addition to any salad.
Pkt. - 50 seeds - $1.12
#O6102 - PKT. - 50 seeds - $2.00 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

(Cichorium intypus)
#6023 – CATALOGNA  55-75 days The tender, dandelion-like greens make a wonderful addition in salads, while the seed stalks have a tasty, asparagus like flavor when cooked.  Delicious!
PKT. - 100 seeds - $1.25

#6024 – ROUGE de VERONE  85 days – The pleasantly bitter red/green leaves of this radicchio grow on strong, rugged plants.  Cut back in the fall to winter force.  A great addition in salads!
PKT. - 100 seeds - $1.25

#6051 - WITLOOF   60 days - A tender and tasty Belgium heirloom that dates back to the mid-1800’s. The 18 inch plants have long green leaves with delicious hearts and inner leaves. Use this variety’s roots for forcing new growth in winter storage.
PKT.  - 50 seeds - $1.25


#6025 – CURLED (Lepidium sativum) 10-15 days – Very quick growing, dwarf 8 inch plants, with curly dark green, pungently flavored leaves.  Adds a delicious, peppery tang to salads!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25

(Cichorium endivia)

#6005 - BROAD LEAF ESCAROLE 90 days - This large, broadleaf endive has dark green, upright outer leaves, and a heart that is creamy white with a buttery texture.  The plants will grow 14 to 18 inches tall, and do well in warm temperatures.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6067 - FRISEE 75 days - The compact heads consist of narrow, frizzy leaves that impart a slightly bitter taste. A favorite in salad bars because of its unique texture and flavor.
PKT. - 100 seeds - $1.25
#O6067 PKT. - 100 seeds -

#6050 - FULL HEART BATAVIAN ENDIVE 80-90 days – The 12 inch heads are dark green and frilly, with a wonderful white heart and thick midribs.  Tasty and tender with a pleasant flavor.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6026 - GREEN CURLED RUFFEC ENDIVE 85 days - This hardy and cold resistant variety dates back to the 1870's.  The deeply cut dark green leaves have thick, white midribs and is very tufted.  Excellent choice for the chilly, damp conditions of fall plantings.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6001 - SALAD KING GREEN CURLED ENDIVE  95 days  - This large variety of endive has very curly leaves that are dark green and white ribbed.  A very slow to bolt variety that does well even in hot weather!   Tolerant to early frosts.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25

#6053 - TRES FINE ENDIVE  42-70 days – The delicate flavor of this French heirloom is best described as mild and nutty.  The 6 inch heads have narrow, finely curled leaves.  Shows some bolt resistance.
PKT. - 750 seeds - $1.25


#6022 –  MACHE (CORN SALAD) (Valerianella locusta) – 45-50 days – Gourmet salad green, having a very unique, piquant flavor!  An old delicious favorite, regaining popularity!
PKT. - 200 seeds - $1.25


#6065  RED ORACH  37-60 days - Beautiful red leaves can be harvested when young, or let grow to full size of 4-6 feet and harvest the leaves from the branches. Wonderful used as micro-greens in salads; excellent hot weather spinach substitute.
PKT. - 50 seeds - $1.25

Fertilizer can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States.


PEACE OF MIND ALL-PURPOSE FERTILIZER (5-5-5) - 100% ORGANIC - All Purpose is all good! This ready-to-use, pH-balanced blend contains natural microorganisms and 100 percent organic fertilizers. Peace of Mind All Purpose  is perfect for vegetable gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, ornamental plantings, houseplants and more.
4 lb. box
PAL - $15.95

FR 25 - FLOATING ROW COVER - Made of light-weight, spun-bonded Polypropylene fabric. Drape the cover loosely over your plants, and secure the edges into the soil using fabric pegs or dirt. As the plants grow, the lightweight fabric is gently lifted by the crops. Water and sunlight can penetrate the cover easily, but insects can't get through the cover at your growing crops!  Floating row covers also offer frost protection down to 28 degrees F.  Wonderful for spinach, beets, cabbage, lettuce, radish or chard!  For vegetables that need insect pollination, such as cucumbers, peppers, or squash, simply remove the cover when your vegetables are beginning to flower.  Never let the insects get the best of your crops again!    
FR 25 - $12.99 (60 inches x 25 feet)
FR 50 - $24.99 (60 incehs x 50 feet)
FP 10 - FABRIC PEGS - The perfect solution for anchoring the edges of floating row covers into the soil!  These economical and reusable pegs are also great for anchoring plastic mulches and landscape fabrics!
Pkt. of ten.
FP 10 - $3.50

PLASTIC POT LABELS - High quality, blank plastic stakes are used to label transplants inside. Just use a fine point permanent marker to easily write down information on the stakes.  Plastic is white and writing remains legible despite the action of weather, water or fertilizer.  20 mil thick plastic wears better than wood stakes, costs less than metal stakes.  Large size may also be used outside in the garden.
PL 24 - 25 stakes (4 in. by ½ in.) - $2.25             PL 26 - 25 stakes (6 in. by ½ in.) - $2.75

JIFFY 7 SEED STARTING PELLETS - Just add water to the compressed peat pellets and you’re ready to start seeds indoors!  Pellets expand to 1¾"  in diameter to 1¾" in height.  Encased in netting , they retain their shape and get plants off to a good start.  No more plastic trays, no more broken roots.  The simplest and easiest way to start all your transplants!  Instructions included.
JF 7  -  12 pack - $2.59
JF 25 - 25 pack - $4.59

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