Over 60 varieties of heirloom bean seeds to choose from.


Soil pH - 6.0 - Sow the seeds 1 inch deep, about 6 inches apart, in rows 18 inches apart.  Beans do not do well in a wide row planting.  They must have room on either side for maximum production.  Plant after all danger of frost has past. Do not plant too soon!   If the soil has not warmed sufficiently, the seeds will rot in the ground before they germinate.  For an earlier crop, place black plastic over the row one week before planting.  Slit the plastic with an X mark every 6 inches and plant 2 seeds in each opening.  Make sure the soil underneath the plastic is thoroughly tilled.  Use Rotenone or pyrethrum to control Mexican bean beetles.   Avoid overhead watering and do not handle plants when they are wet.

Pole Beans - Till an area 4 feet by 4 feet.  Incorporate compost into the soil and cover the bed with black plastic. Make a teepee out of 3 to 4 poles and stick into the bed.  Cut a circle of plastic out around each pole.  Plant 6 to 8 seeds around each pole, thinning to 3 plants per pole.  Use a soaker hose to water the bed.

(Phaseolus vulgaris)

204 - BLACK VALENTINE   67 days - Old heirloom variety first introduced in the 1850's.  The dark green, stringless beans are 6 inches long and have exquisite flavor.  Our best selling bush bean.  Try some!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)

219 - BLUE LAKE BUSH  55 days - One of the most popular varieties of snap bean grown today!  The pods are 5½ to 6½ inches long, and have white seeds.  Has both excellent flavor and texture!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)

232 - BOUNTIFUL   46 days - An early bush bean that produces a very large crop!  The beans are stringless, broad, straight, and 6 to 7 inches long.  The plants grow 16 to 18 inches tall and have light green foliage.  Good home garden variety for canning or freezing, that was first introduced in 1897.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)

221 - BRITTLE WAX   50 days - The light golden-yellow curved pods are 6-7 inches long and stringless.  High yielding with a long harvest time.  An old favorite bush yellow bean that was first introduced in 1900.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)

256 - CHEROKEE WAX – 43-55 days – Dating from 1946, the hardy 1 ½  foot plants will reliably produce a stringless crop of oval, golden yellow beans.  Good choice for canning or fresh use.  A vigorous, heavy yielding variety.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)

202 - COMMODORE   65 days - "All American Selection" winner in 1938.  Similar flavor to Old Homestead Pole Bean. The 8 inch pods are dark green, stringless and meaty.  A heavy producer!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)

234 - CONTENDER   50 days - An old favorite first introduced in 1949.  The dark green pods are oval in shape and stringless.  A very heavy producer with disease resistance to common mosaic virus, NY 15 bean virus and greasy pod virus.  The plants grow 15 to 20 inches high, and do well in the summer heat.  We highly recommend this bean if you have had trouble growing a good bean crop in the past.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)

240 - DRAGON'S TONGUE BUSH SNAP BEAN - 58 days – A fine Dutch variety of wax bean that’s productive and rust resistant.  The 6-7 inch pods are long and flat, with purple streaks throughout the yellow color.  Crispy and stringless.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75

241 - FIN de BAGNOL (Shoestring Bean)  55 days – This old French variety dates to the 1800’s.  The thin, round pods should be picked when young and tender, before the pods become fibrous.  An excellent choice for mini-gourmet veggies.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75

O258 - GOLDEN WAX BEAN  45-60 days– This early, dependable cropper will bear plenty of stringless, 4½  inch, golden pods.  The delicious, buttery flavored beans are a good choice for fresh use or freezing. 
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75 -

263 - KENTUCKY WONDER  BUSH (Brown Seeded)  60 days - All the great taste of KENTUCKY WONDER pole in a bush plant!  Very tender, stringless pods are round and 8 inches long.  Produces over a long period.  Excellent flavor and quality.  Popular home garden variety since the late 1800's.  Our favorite bean!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)

233 - KENTUCKY WONDER  BUSH (White Seeded)  60 days - All the great taste of KENTUCKY WONDER pole in a bush plant!  Very tender, stringless pods are round and 8 inches long.  Produces over a long period.  Excellent flavor and quality.  Popular home garden variety since the late 1800's.  Our favorite bean!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)

51-65 days  - This high-quality, slender, filet bean has become a favorite in gourmet markets. The dark-green, 6-8 inch pods have a delicate, sweet flavor. Pick frequently for optimal tenderness and yields.
PKT. - 1 oz. - $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

203 - OLD DUTCH HALF RUNNER  60 days - These bush plants produce 3 foot runners and are filled with 5 inch, light green pods, and are stringless when young.   An old favorite since 1825!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 175 seeds)

206 - PENCIL POD BLACK WAX  58 days - A great tasting yellow snap bean!  This favorite bush bean was first introduced in 1900, and has been popular for generations! The delicious pods are stringless and brittle.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)

225 - PROVIDER   53 days - First introduced in South Carolina during 1965.  A very heavy yielder of straight, green, 5 to 6 inch, round beans.  Excellent quality bean for either fresh use or canning.  Takes the heat and keeps on producing!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 175 seeds)

230 - ROMANO, BUSH    63 days - All the flavor of a romano bean in a bush plant!  The wide, flat pods are medium green, stringless and 5 to 6 inches long, on plants that grow 15 to 20 inches tall.  A great home garden variety.  Very meaty with excellent old fashioned flavor!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 125 seeds)

228 - ROYAL BURGUNDY   55 days -  A very good producer of round, stringless, purple pod beans, that grow on 15 to 20 inch plants. The delicious beans turn green when cooked.  Mexican bean beetles avoid this variety. A good choice for cooler climates!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)

205 - ROYALTY PURPLE POD   55 days - The unique, purple pods of this variety are stringless and tender.  The unusually colored pods turns green when cooked.  First introduced in 1957.  Very unique!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)
O205 - PKT. - 1 oz. - $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

229 - TENDERETTE   56 days - This bush variety produces straight, 6 inch, dark green pods, on plants that grow 18 to 20 inches.  Does well even in hot weather.  The pods are borne high on the plant, making for easier picking.  Resists common mosaic virus.  Excellent flavor!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 175 seeds)

224 - TENDERGREEN IMPROVED   53 days - "All American Selection" winner in 1933.  The strong, upright plants grow 16 to 20 inches high, and produce an abundant crop of 5 to 7 inch, straight, green, meaty pods.   An excellent bean for fresh use or for canning!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)
O224 - PKT. - 1 oz. - $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

222 - TOP CROP  51 days - "All American Selection" winner in 1950.  Early producer of fine quality, medium green, straight, stringless 6 to 7 inch beans, on strong, upright plants, that grow 18 to 24 inches.  A very heavy yielding variety!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 150 seeds)

(Phaseolus vulgaris)

254 - BLUE LAKE POLE   70 days – Straight, stringless, dark green beans grow on tall 6- 7 foot vines.  A consistent  producer  of  qualtity  pods. Excellent for freezing, soups, or canning. A favorite for generations.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)
O254 - PKT. - 1 oz. - $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

237 - CHEROKEE TRAIL OF TEARS  80-90 days - Named after the Cherokee Indians "Trail of Tears March" in 1838, this prolific variety has shiny jet-black seeds.  Green 6" pods with purple overlay, good for snaps and dry beans.  An excellent choice for the historic gardener!
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75

251 - CLIMBING FRENCH  70 days  A very tasty variety, with lovely lilac flowers and 4-7 inch stringless pods. A favorite variety in England during the 1930’s.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75

220 - GENUINE CORNFIELD   70-90 days - These fine flavored beans are often grown in the corn fields, using the corn stalks as poles.  The delicious pods are 5-7 inches long, and grow on vines 5-6 feet tall.

O256 - GOLD OF BACAU    65 days – This Romanian favorite will reliably produce a bumper crop of long, flat, golden colored pods.  Always tender, the beans have a sweet and crunchy flavor that’s sure to become a garden staple.
PKT. - 35 seeds  – CERTIFIED ORGANIC - $2.75

242 - IDEAL MARKET 68 days - Dating from 1914 when it was originally called Black Creaseback, this heavy yielder produces crispy, stringless 5-6 inch beans.   A great tasting variety with a vigorous growth habit.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75

239 - LAZY WIFE 78 days - This very popular heirloom was introduced by German immigrants in the early 1800's; it was given that name because it was the first snap bean that did not require de-stringing! Straight, 5" pods bear heavily and continuously until frost.
PKT. - 1 oz.  - $1.99
(approximately 75 seeds)

208 - OLD HOMESTEAD POLE BEAN (Kentucky Wonder)  69 days - This variety was first introduced in 1864, and is still a favorite of many.  Tall vines, often growing over 6 feet tall, produce an abundant crop of 9-10 inch beans.  Distinctive "beany" flavor!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)

 243 - PAINTED LADY (Phaseolus coccineus) 68 days – This early variety will help attract hummingbirds to your garden with its delightful scarlet and cream colored flowers.  Dating back to 1827, these tasty runner-type beans should be picked when young for best flavor.  Beautiful when grown on arbors and trellises.
PKT. - 25 seeds - $2.75

217 - RATTLESNAKE POLE BEAN   65 days - This heirloom has unusual, dark-green pods streaked with purple. This vigorous grower often grows to 10 feet tall, and is filled with 7 inch, great tasting pods.  Beautiful, light buff seeds splashed with dark-brown markings.  An old favorite!
PKT. - 1½ oz. - $1.99 (approximately 100 seeds)
- PKT. - 1 oz. - $2.75  CERTIFIED ORGANIC

211 - ROMANO POLE BEAN   70 days - This old reliable variety has been a favorite for generations. The 6 foot vines produce wide-podded beans with a distinct flavor.  For a continuous harvest, pick the delicious, stringless beans often!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 125 seeds)

210 - SCARLET RUNNER POLE BEAN (Phaseolus coccineus) 70 days - This heirloom variety was first grown in the 1600's, but introduced to the United States in the 1800's.  Large clusters of bright red flowers abound on large, 10 foot vines. Pick the 12 inch pods when young for best flavor.  A favorite of hummingbirds!
PKT. - 1.5 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 35 seeds)

253 - SUNSET RUNNER  (Phaseolus coccineus) 60 days  -  An early variety with lovely salmon colored blossoms.  Will produce a nice crop of tasty and flavorful beans all season long.  A good choice for canning or freezing.
PKT. - 25 seeds - $2.75

(Phaseolus lunatus)

207 - FORDHOOK BUSH LIMA  75 days - This old variety was first introduced in 1917, and still remains a heavy producer of high quality beans today.  The large, all purpose limas have pods that contain 4 to 5 fat, delicious beans!   Our favorite lima!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 50 seeds)

209 - HENDERSON BUSH LIMA   62 days - This buttery flavored baby lima produces 3 to 4, excellent tasting beans per pod.  A very prolific variety that has been a favorite since 1883!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 125 seeds)

231 - JACKSON WONDER  72 days - A bush butter bean first introduced in 1888, that resembles FLORIDA SPECKLED BUTTER POLE LIMA.  A very good producer of medium sized beans with dark purple speckles.  The plants grow 15 to 30 inches, and have 3 to 5, delicious seeds in each pod.  A good choice for hot weather!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 120 seeds)

O257 - WHITE DIXIE BABY BUTTERBEANS  65-70 days – A bush variety that will reliably produce a heavy crop of delicious, buttery limas.  The 12-18 inch plants have 4-5 baby beans per pod.  Is able to tolerate light drought conditions.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99

(Phaseolus lunatus)

238 - CHRISTMAS LARGE SPECKLED LIMA  75-100 days - These huge, vigorous vines deliver consistently heavy yields of 5 inch pods, even during extreme heat spells!  Delicious, rich flavor abounds in this great variety.
PKT. – 1½ oz.  - $1.99  (approximately 35 seeds)

216 - FLORIDA SPECKLED BUTTER POLE LIMA BEAN   85 days - This very popular butter bean was first introduced in the 1840's.  The tall, 10 foot vines bear pods in clusters.  A wonderful buff colored bean with maroon speckles.   Does well in hot, humid weather!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 115 seeds)

212 - KING OF THE GARDEN POLE LIMA   89 days -This heirloom variety was first introduced in 1883. The tall, 8 foot vines yield plenty of dark green, 8 inch pods, each holding 4-6 large beans inside.  Rich, sweet flavor.  A great tasting lima that saves space in the garden!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 45 seeds)

(Phaseolus vulgaris)

213 - BLACK TURTLE   90 days - This old heirloom variety was first introduced in the late 1700's, and  has beautiful, jet black seeds.  The hardy bush plants are disease and heat resistant, and are wonderful in soup!
PKT. - 1 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 100 seeds)
#O213 PKT. - 1 oz. - $2.75 - CERTIFED ORGANIC

214 - DARK RED KIDNEY BEAN   95 days - A great bush variety of dried bean that can be used for baking, soup or chili!  Each pod contains 5 large, red, kidney shaped beans that store well.  A popular choice for Mexican cuisine.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 130 seeds)

261 - GREAT NORTHERN 65 – 90 days  - A heavy yielder of “navy” type beans that dates back to 1907.  The 2 foot plants produce straight, 5 inch pods with 5-6 thin, white seeds enclosed.  Excellent for soups or baking.  An heirloom variety grown by the Mandan Indians.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99
(approximately 150 seeds)

O244 - HIDATSA SHIELD FIGURE DRY BEAN  90 days- These beautiful tan and white seeds were originally sowed by the Hidatsa Indians, using corn stalks as support for this high-yielding pole variety.  This was a favorite in the Buffalo Bird Woman’s garden.
PKT. – 35 seeds – $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

260 - HUTTERITE SOUP BEAN 85-90 days - A favorite bean of the Hutterites from Austria. The plump, greenish/yellow seeds cook rapidly, rendering quickly into a delicious, creamy white soup.  A perfect choice for the busy cook who still yearns for delicious, homemade soups.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75

O245 - IRELAND CREEK ANNIE DRY BEAN 72 days – This reliable producer dates to the 1930’s when it was grown on Ireland Creek Farm in British Columbia.  The 2 foot bush plants bear an early and delicious crop.  Great in soups and stews.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

O218 - JACOB’S CATTLE BEAN DRY BEAN  80-100 days - A very old New England favorite that can be used for baking or soup.  A beautiful kidney shaped white bean that's speckled with maroon markings.  A heavy yielding bush variety!

261 - LIGHT RED KINDEY BEAN 90-100 days - Similar to Dark Red Kidney, except lighter in color. A reliable, heavy yielding variety. A good choice for baking, soup or chili. A very popular bean for Mexican cuisine.
PKT. - 2 oz. (approximately 130 seeds)  $1.99
O26 - 1 oz. (approximately 60 seeds) $2.75 -

O246 LINA SISCO'S BIRD EGG DRY BEAN  85 days – Brought to Missouri by covered wagon in the 1880’s, these large tan and burgundy seeds are a great horticultural variety.  This bush-type bean will reliably produce an excellent crop grown either as a green shelling or dry bean.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

227 - NAVY BEAN   85 to 100 days - A small, delicious, white bean that can be used in soup or for baking.   Will not "mush up" when cooked.  The 16 to 24 inch bush plants are heavy yielding and very well adapted for the U.S.
A dependable producer of dry beans.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 175 seeds)

215 - PINTO BEAN   90 days - This bean is a popular choice for Mexican cuisine! The half-runner type 20 inch plants produce light tan seeds with brown speckles.  May be eaten as a green, snap bean when young.  Also delicious when used as refried beans!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 125 seeds)

226 - SOLDIER BEAN   80 to 100 days - A very popular New England heirloom bean that dates back to pre-1800's. The 18 inch bush plants are drought resistant and do well even in cooler climates.  The beautiful dry beans are white with a red-brown "eye".   Excellent flavor for baking or soup, in addition to storing well.
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99 (approximately 150 seeds)

249 - TRUE RED CRANBERRY 95 days – A Maine heirloom that was a favorite of lumberjacks during the spring lumber drives.  This pole-type variety has sweet, deep-red colored beans that look just like a cranberry, but use as you would any dry bean.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75

201- WREN'S EGG   63 days - An outstanding snap or shelling bean that dates back to 1825.  The slender, green, 7 inch, pods are stringless and produce a heavy crop all season long.  A semi-runner variety preferred by many growers!
PKT. - 2 oz. - $1.99  (approximately 125 seeds)

(Vicia faba)

255 - AQUADULCE    85 days – This Old World variety is a good choice for an extra early crop.  The upright, 3-3 ½ foot plants produce long pods of tasty and nutritious beans.  Can withstand the cold.  Plant either in very early spring or in fall, for a late harvest.
PKT. – 1½ oz.  - $1.99  (approximately 25 seeds)

236 - WINDSOR  75 days - An old English variety, first introduced in 1863.  Fava beans are best grown in the cooler spring or fall weather, as they don't do well in hot climates.  The 6 inch pods are filled with 3 to 5 large, plump beans that can be used as fresh green shelled beans or dry beans.  A very popular variety of bush bean in Europe.
PKT. – 1½ oz.  - $1.99  (approximately 25 seeds)

(Glycine max)
O258 - AGATE SOYBEAN   80 days  - An heirloom variety from New Mexico that dates back to the 1930's. The beautiful olive green/brown seeds are flavorful and good tasting. The 1 foot plants are productive and high-yielding.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

250 - EDIBLE SOYBEAN   85-100 days - These bushy, erect plants are loaded with tasty pods, each containing 2 to 3 oval seeds.  Great used either fresh, or dried, as you would limas.  Very high in protein and easily digestible.  A sweet, delicious, buttery flavor!
PKT. - 1½ oz. - $1.99  (approximately 175 seeds)

O251 - BUTTERBEANS SOY BEAN  90 days – The stocky, 2 foot plants will produce an abundant supply of bright green pods, many containing 3 large beans.  A terrific choice for eating fresh, but also great canned or frozen.
PKT. - 1 oz. - $2.75 (approximately 100 seeds) CERTIFIED ORGANIC

O262 - SHIROFUMI SOYBEAN   80-90 days - The vigorous 3 foot vines will produce a heavy crop of green soybeans. An excellent choice for cooking or snacking. Rapidly becoming a favorite of many due to its good taste and heavy yields.
PKT. - 35 seeds - $2.75  - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Fertilizer can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States.


PEACE OF MIND ALL-PURPOSE FERTILIZER (5-5-5) - 100% ORGANIC - All Purpose is all good! This ready-to-use, pH-balanced blend contains natural microorganisms and 100 percent organic fertilizers. Peace of Mind All Purpose  is perfect for vegetable gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, ornamental plantings, houseplants and more.
4 lb. box
PAL - $15.95


Aids in the growth and production of all varieties of garden beans, peas, and peanuts. This product will not aid in the production of soybeans.

Nature’s Aid Granular Garden Inoculant contains billions of live bacteria that are essential in the nitrogen fixating process of garden legume plants. These bacteria, when properly placed in the root zone area of the soil, will actively convert atmospheric nitrogen into a useable form for the plant, enabling the plant to produce its own organic source of nitrogen, leading to more lush vine growth and ultimately greater yields.

GSI-2 - 2.3 oz. Poly Bag - Treats 40 ft row - $4.59

GSI-8 - 8.7 oz. Shaker Can - Treats 150 ft row - $9.99

TR 2 - NYLON GARDEN TRELLIS - The perfect way to save space in your garden. Let the crops grow up, off the ground away from harmful insects and disease. 7" by 7" openings are great for tomatoes, cucumbers, peas or beans. Also great for climbing flowers. Just fasten to some poles and its ready to use!  5 feet tall by 30 feet long. Can be cut to any length.
TR 2 - $12.99

A-77 – Cooking With Dried Beans 32 pages – Everything you need to know about using dried beans in soups, stews, casseroles and side dishes.  Complete cooking instructions and recipes.
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